What is iCloud on iphone? How to use iCloud account on iphone

What is iCloud on iphone? How to use iCloud account on iphone

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iCloud on iphone is Apple’s online storage service for backing up, syncing photos, videos, contacts, etc. In addition, iCloud also helps locate iPhones, iPads, lock devices when stolen, and delete data on a remote device.

How important is iCloud on phone.

iCloud is one of the cloud services on Apple, it is responsible for synchronizing data between iOS devices such as iPhone or iPad, Macbook and your computer.

Thus, it can be said that the iCloud account (also known as AppleID) is as important as the device itself, forgetting the password or having someone log into the iCloud account into the device will make us lose the right to use the device. Please save AppleID and password as well as registered email addresses, security questions to avoid unfortunate circumstances.

Currently, iCloud is built into iPhones with iOS 7 and above.

Not only does the data synchronization feature between iCloud devices also provide information security for users.

Once a device has an iCloud account activated, everything related to that device will be managed by iCloud. Especially the feature to find iPhone, this feature will help you in supporting against iPhone theft, because without signing out of iCloud, the stolen iPhone will not be able to use. So if you do not remember the iCloud password, your iPhone will not be used.

When you buy an old iOS device from someone else or want to restore the original factory settings, it is not very important to check if your device is signed in to your iCloud account because it is related to whether the device can be used or not.

How to use the utility features of iCloud on iphone

– Backup and store data with iCloud Drive

You will have more space (Apple provides free 5 GB, want to use more must pay to buy) to store data such as photos, videos, documents, contacts , notes, etc Besides, iCloud is also used to backup the backup of the device, helping users to be assured not to lose data even when the device is damaged or lost.

– Find My iPhone

When your iPhone is lost, the “Find My Devices” function of iCloud will help locate its location, automatically ring, lock the device remotely and even delete all data in the device to avoid being data theft.

– Share in Family

¬†Help family members (using the same Apple device) can share the same application purchased by a member. Or buy the app and pay with another member’s credit card.

– ICloud keychain

 Confidential information such as passwords, credit card information will be synchronized and updated on devices sharing iCloud accounts to better manage this information.

How to create an iCloud account?

Step 1: Select Sign in to iPhone

First at the main screen of the device you select Settings> Select Sign in to iPhone> Select You do not have an Apple ID or have forgotten? to proceed with creating an Apple ID.

Step 2: Create an Apple ID

Here you select Create Apple ID> Choose Date of Birth> Select Next.

Step 3: Enter information to create ID

Now enter Last Name, First Name> Select Next> Enter the ID you want to create at the Email position> Select Next.

Step 4: Create an Email Address

Click Next Create Email Address> Enter and verify the password you want to create> Select Next.

Step 5: Complete the registration

Next you verify the phone number> Select Agree with Terms & Conditions.

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