What is iCloud Drive? How does it work? How to manage iCloud Drive

What is iCloud Drive? How does it work? How to manage iCloud Drive

Meta: iCloud Drive is a notable feature in the iCloud cloud service that Apple introduced on iOS 8

Key: iCloud Drive

Normally, Apple will give you 5GB of free storage on iCloud when you sign up for your Apple ID. It can help you back up device data like photos and videos in the cloud, and even act as a standard cloud storage service in the form of iCloud Drive.   iCloud Drive works on cloud platforms, similar to other online storage services like Dropbox, Google Drive, etc , allows storing all documents in the cloud for arbitrary access from iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch, Mac, even PC.

What is iCloud Drive?

iCloud Drive allows you to store entire documents such as presentations, spreadsheets, PDFs, photos on iCloud so you can sync and backup between multiple devices. iCloud Drive is available for iOS and Mac, so it is convenient for iPhone and Mac users.

iCloud is Apple’s name for cloud storage services, including some of the following functions:

  • ICloud Photo Library: store and access your media websites in the cloud, instead of saving it on your device.
  • ICloud music library: keep your song collection synchronized across devices.
  • ICloud backup: this is the backup service for your device.
  • Dropbox shared folder: where the files are synchronized between devices.

It can be said that iCloud Drive is part of the larger iCloud ecosystem, similar to the standard virtual directory format of other cloud storage providers. However, Apple’s iCloud Drive also has some special features that you can find like other products of this company.

How iCloud Drive works

First, you need to activate iCloud Drive before using it with the following:

On an iPhone or other iOS device:

Go to Settings -> iCloud -> iCloud Drive and check the option to turn on the service.

If you are using a MacBook computer, you can check iCloud Drive in System Preferences -> iCloud.

If you use Windows, you can download iCloud for Windows.

Once enabled, you can access iCloud Drive by the following:

Method 1: Through shortcuts on the main screen of iPhone or iPad, from the Finder sidebar on Mac or via the iCloud add-on for Windows. Simple folder view, you can open and upload new files anytime.

Method 2: Sign in at iCloud.com and select iCloud Drive from the list of items. This method is suitable for Android and Linux users, or anyone who works on the computer. You can even upload files through the website interface from compatible browsers.

On macOS, some apps will suggest iCloud Drive as the default save location for documents. For example, the Apple Apple word processor, Pages. If you want to save or download to iCloud, then default to it in the app you’re using.

On a Mac, you can quickly move files to iCloud Drive by selecting the appropriate option from the drop-down document box.

When using the iOS app, you’ll have to find iCloud when backing up or downloading. For years now, Apple has been encouraging developers to adopt this cloud storage platform.

You can save documents to iCloud Drive in apps, especially Apple apps like TextEdit and Pages. Files can be saved anywhere in the cloud storage you currently own in an application-specific folder. This gives you easy access and control over the structure and layout of your folders.

You need to have an Apple ID. On an Apple device, you can access iCloud Drive with 5GB of free storage per user. If you want more storage, you have to buy more from the company.

Should you use iCloud Drive?

After understanding what iCloud Drive is, many people still wonder: should iCloud Drive be used or not? It depends on the process and operation working on your computer or phone.

Users of Windows or Android can hardly get used to this ecosystem of Apple, because the technology has no similarities.

For example, about storage space. Google gives you 15 GB of Google Drive storage and free storage for photos and videos, while only offering 5 GB. Therefore, if you want to use iCloud Photo Library or have cloud-based backups, you need to buy more storage.

All in all, it is very useful.

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