The importance of iCloud and how to protect your iCloud account?

The importance of iCloud and how to protect your iCloud account?

Meta: Today, a lot of people prefer using Apple devices. However, not many users are aware of the importance of keeping the Apple ID account confidential. Let’s review some tips to protect your iCloud account.

Apple’s iPhone is a smart device with many outstanding advantages that many people choose to use. Those who are using these devices must have heard and known about iCloud. It can be said that to use any device that uses the iOS operating system, the first thing you need to do is to create an iCloud account. So, what is iCloud, the importance of iCloud, and how to protect your iCloud account?

What is iCloud?

iCloud is the cloud storage service of Apple which was launched from 2011. This service provides users with data storage tools such as text, image, music, apps, and other content then keeps them up to date on your devices. With iCloud, users can easily share photos, calendars, locations with friends, and family. You can even use iCloud to find your device in case it is lost.

iCloud is a storage tool on Apple’s devices

Moreover, iCloud helps you sync data between iOS devices together, including Macbook, iPad, iPhone, Apple Watch, iPod. iCloud’s services include iCloud Drive, which is similar to Dropbox and Google Drive, iCloud Photo Library. iCloud also provides a way to backup iPhone, iPad in case you need to restore it. Apart from downloading iWork for iPad from App Store, you can also run Pages, Numbers, and Keynote on your laptop or desktop computer via  

The importance of iCloud

Apart from sync and store data, iCloud brings users a lot of benefits.

Find my iPhone

If you lose your iPhone, function Find My Devices from iCloud makes it easy to locate the device. The device will automatically ring, lock remotely, or even delete all the data to ensure that no important data is stolen.

Share with family members

If all your family members use the iPhone or other devices of Apple, all members can enjoy the same application that is bought by one member. Moreover, you can also purchase the applications and easily pay by credit cards from other family members.

iCloud account is an important part of your devices

iCloud keychain

These are confidential information, including passwords and credit card information. It is also updated on devices that share iCloud accounts to help manage information better.

How to protect your iCloud account?

Create a strong password

The password used for iCloud must be the same as your Apple account password. Apple requires that the password needs to contain at least 8 characters, use both uppercase and lowercase letters, and have at least one digit. But you can add other elements if you want. If you are worried about remembering a random string of characters, you should use similar phrases or words, or change the letters with numbers and special symbols.

Set up security questions if needed

If you have not accessed your Apple ID in a long time, you probably haven’t set up any security questions. In this case, you ask some specific questions about your life and give answers that strangers will never know or guess. Apple will ask these questions when you log into your Apple account or make major changes.

Users just need some simple steps to protect the iCloud account

To find security questions, log in your Apple account with your ID and password then look for the “Security” section. On the right side of the page, select the Edit button to expand the section called Security Questions. If you have not added any questions, you will see the “Add Questions” option.

Turn on 2-factor authentication for Apple ID

This is an effective method to ensure that you access your account from one of the real devices that you own. This authentication helps set up a reliable device, or phone number that Apple will send a verification code to until you try to sign in from a strange device.

Always log out when you do not use your device

Finally, you should remember to log out of your account when you finish your work. Also, do not provide an Apple ID or password to anyone if you are not sure whether he/ she is an Apple employee or Apple official representative.

It can be said that the Apple ID account or iCloud account plays an important role, which can be compared to the bank account. However, with just a few simple steps, you can protect your account against hackers or other damages.

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