Some information about Apple iCloud cost that you should know

Some information about Apple iCloud cost that you should know

Meta: Buying more iCloud memory will be much easier for you while using the device and not worry about losing data. First, refer to apple iCloud cost in advance in this post.

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By default, with any free iCloud account, Apple will give users 5GB to backup and sync data. However, there is a sincere advice that you should buy more iCloud storage because surely you do not use the iPhone just to hear – call – text, right?


Apple iCloud cost is not too complicated to consider too much

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iCloud is the name that Apple gives to the range of cloud-based services, covering different areas such as email, contacts and calendar synchronization, location of lost devices (Find My iPhone / iPad), and store music in the cloud (iTunes Match).

The purpose of cloud services in general and iCloud, in particular, is to store information on remote computers, known as a cloud server to store data. This means you don’t take up a lot of storage space on any particular device, and you can access information from any device connected to the internet.

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iCloud will help you back up all data on Apple devices such as contacts, messages, photos/videos, notes, reminders, and sync to all other devices in the same ecosystem. Therefore, if you do not know how to transfer data to a computer, you should buy more iCloud if you have more than 5GB of data on the device.

You can set up an iCloud without paying for it, but this comes with a limited amount of cloud storage: 5GB on all devices.

If you want more space – and if you plan to back up multiple devices to the cloud, or store essential collections containing photos, videos, or documents, you’ll need it – You will then have to pay.


These are the costs for upgrading iCloud storage:


50GB: 79p / 99c per month

200GB: £ 2.49 / $ 2.99 per month

2TB: £ 6.99 / $ 9.99 per month

How to upgrade iCloud?

To upgrade iCloud you can do it from an iPhone, iPad, Mac, or even from a Windows operating computer.

On iPhone or iPad: Go to Settings, click your name at the top of the screen (or tap to sign in).

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In the second choice, click iCloud; At the top of the next screen, under the STORAGE heading, you will see a small graph showing what storage is being used on. Click Manage Storage under the chart, then Upgrade and follow the instructions.

On Mac: Open System Preferences using the Apple icon at the top left of the screen, then select iCloud and click Manage in the lower right corner of the next screen. Then click on Buy More Storage or Change Plan Storage (at the top right) and follow the instructions.

On the computer: Open iCloud for Windows, click Storage and choose to Buy More Storage or Change Plan Storage, and follow the instructions.

How to use iCloud

To use iCloud, you must have an Apple ID account, and the most important thing is that this Apple ID account is created by yourself and remember the security and secondary email questions in case we lose them later. You should remember that not share iCloud with someone prevents unfortunate circumstances occur.

Once you have an Apple ID account, go to Settings / iCloud / Account to log in to create a new iCloud account and you will receive a free 5GB to save data.

Let go to Settings => iCloud and enter the Apple ID, and login password => Sign in. To create a new iCloud account, go to Get a Free Apple ID and follow the instructions shown on the phone.


Note when buying additional iCloud storage

  • Apple has listed this as an upgrade to a higher capacity plan, so you get an additional 45GB from 5GB for free to 50GB (other similar packages).
  • iCloud backups can only be synced down if your device is running an iOS version on a par with previous or higher devices.
  • The storage plan automatically renews monthly, and you can upgrade/cancel at any time.
  • To buy, you will need an international payment card, the simplest of which is VISA / Mastercard (Debit). You only need to bring your ID card to the bank to be able to do it.


Hopefully, the information on apple iCloud cost above helps you better to choose for yourself the appropriate package.




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