Importance of icloud that you should know

Importance of icloud that you should know

Meta: ICloud is a separate feature only available on iOS devices. Unlike other smartphones that use external memory cards, Apple allows users to store and backup data on the most modern technology.

The giant in the electronics industry Apple is constantly improving, developing and inventing new products to assert its position. One of their success is icloud application with hundreds of different utilities. Icloud is a major contributor to Apple’s cloud computing technology. What features does iCloud have? And the importance of iCloud for everyone using iOS.

How important is iCloud?

In addition to the feature to synchronize data between devices, iCloud also has very high data and device security capabilities for users.

Once a device has an iCloud account enabled, all problems related to that device include restore (restore factory settings), data backup.

Especially with the “Find iPhone” feature to prevent device theft, if not logged out, the device is considered to completely lose usability.

iCloud also has very high data and device security/Ph.miracomosehan

Failure to remember the password of the iCloud account will result in the device being unusable, or we are also known with the phrase “iCloud sticky”.

Thus, it can be said that the iCloud account (also known as Apple ID) is as important as the device itself, forgetting the password or having someone log into the iCloud account on the device will make us lose the right to use the device. Please save Apple ID and password as well as registered email addresses, security questions to avoid unfortunate circumstances.

Icloud supports image features

iCloud supports a new feature called Photo Stream that automatically imports any new photos created by an iOS device or photos that have been imported into iPhoto to sync them to the server.  LYou can watch (or download in some cases) on other iOS devices, computers (Mac and Windows) or even Apple TV. To save space Photo Stream will limit a maximum of 1000 nearest photos in iOS devices while not limited to computers. Windows doesn’t support iPhoto, but you can choose a folder on your hard drive so Photo Stream can choose that as your photo library.

Icloud improve the music

Apple also offers a great feature is iTunes Match/Ph.iMore

iTunes in the Cloud allows users to download all songs previously purchased on the iTunes Store Music, as well as automatically download all newly purchased songs on all authorized devices with your iTunes account. However, if you have purchased old music with 128 kbps quality that is protected by copyright on iTunes before, it will not be upgraded to 256 kbps without DRM and still have to use the old versions. In this case, you have to pay 30 cents for 1 article to be entitled to upgrade. If the track you used to buy is no longer sold on the iTunes Store, you won’t download it.

Currently, streaming music from iCloud is not supported, so you cannot listen to the song directly to the device. In addition, Apple also offers a great feature is iTunes Match, a feature that will be explained in the question right below.

Can use iCloud to back up my iOS device?

One of the other features of iCloud is automatic data backup on iOS. According to Apple, this feature will be enabled every day when the device is plugged in and connected to Wifi. iCloud won’t back up everything but it will handle purchased music, apps and books, photos and videos from Camera Roll, device settings, individual app data, home screens, and how to arrange the location of application icons, SMS, MMS and ringtones. In case you have a new iOS device and need to recover it, just enter your Apple ID and password and everything will be automatically downloaded to your device.

Icloud with many superior applications has become an integral part of Apple devices. Using icloud properly is always the rendezvous point for many people. Icloud plays an important role on all technical devices using icloud operating system.

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