Compare win 7 and win 10

Compare win 7 and win 10

Windows 10 is a great improvement over Windows 8, but what if you still use Windows 7? Between these 2 versions, should you use Win 7 or Win 10 here? Compare win 7 and win 10 in many criteria.

Advantages of Windows 7 operating system

Microsoft has made important improvements to protect Windows systems and enhance a few new security features during the transition and development from Windows XP to Windows Vista.

With Windows 7, some of those security features are further enhanced and Microsoft hasn’t forgotten to add new features.



Cons of Windows 7 operating system

  • Windows Firewall

The default Windows 7 firewall system is not appreciated. It does not provide powerful features to filter data transferred over the Internet connection, prevent outside attacks, etc.

  • Hide file format accents

 Hiding the file format is another downside that can be used by spyware to attack users.

Overview of windows 10

Windows 10 pro is the version for individual users, but has more advanced features. It supports IT to manage devices and applications in small businesses, protecting sensitive data. In addition, it also allows users to access Windows update for Business.


Advantages of Windows 10

Windows 10 is considered the most advanced and complete version that Microsoft is currently supporting. With a beautiful new interface, many smart features and upgrades in security and customization in the direction of personalization to best serve the user.

Especially, Windows 10 has been optimized to improve performance and manage ram better to save energy.

Cons of the Windows 10 operating system

Windows 10 is not compatible with computers with weak average configurations. Many specialized applications launched a long time ago stopped supporting and are not compatible with Windows 10.

Comparison between windows 7 and windows 10

According to some users, Windows 10 is growing rapidly for general users but it is still not completely superior to Windows 7.

Design interface of windows 7 & windows 10

Windows 10 interface is almost completely different from its old version- Windows 7. Everything has been brought into the flat interface from icons to symbols.

Icons are also designed to be simpler and easier to recognize. Other features present in Control Panel and Computer Management have been completely changed.

You may be a little surprised if you suddenly switch to Windows 10 without firsthand experience. However, it will get used to it quickly, so you don’t need to worry.

If you are a fan of the new, the neat and sophisticated design of Win 10 will conquer you completely. But if you like the old interface, or don’t want to spend time getting used to the new interface, maybe Win 7 will be more suitable for you.

Application of windows 7 & windows 10

The Windows 10 app store is synchronized with smartphones so you can work on both devices at the same time without any obstruction.

Windows 7 does not yet support this feature, so you may have a little trouble having to download the setup file or even not.

Besides, another reason that gaming on Windows 10 is better than Windows 7 is that Windows 10 supports gaming mode. CPU and GPU are optimized for the entertainment process at the most efficient level.

Search bar on windows 7 and windows 10

When you click on the Windows 7 Start Menu bar, you will see many basic features and customizations appear. It allows you to quickly access these options in a simple yet effective way.

With Windows 10 supporting artificial intelligence, Cortana will do it all for you. This can also be considered a new creation of Microsoft.

This virtual assistant will replace you with all the cumbersome tasks that distract you from your main job. It also stores the history, summarizes and analyzes the information so that future searches will give you the best and most relevant results.

Ability to manage files of Windows 7 & Windows 10

This is hardly noticed, but longtime Windows users will certainly be interested in this criterion. Windows 7 has a familiar file management interface, dating back to the time of Windows XP.

With Windows 10 the Up button is back. And it comes with a whole host of other File Explorer enhancements – many of those features first appeared in Windows 8.

The top menu is arranged in a ribbon, so all common tools are easily accessible and clickable. Even novice Windows users can use it easily.

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