Common errors when logging into iCloud apple and how to fix it?

Common errors when logging into iCloud apple and how to fix it?

Meta: Icloud is an application with a large storage space, containing a lot of your data with many outstanding features. So what if icloud apple has a login error?

iCloud is also known as software for syncing data between devices connected to the same iCloud account. So you can access the applications, using the features that are stored on iCloud from the iPhone. It can be said that for iphone users, icloud is like a chest containing all the important data. But what if there is an error while logging into iCloud? What are some common mistakes? Join us to find out the following.

Can’t login to iCloud what to do?

If you’re worried about not being able to sign into iCloud on your device, try the following:

Note that when entering the password, you should distinguish between uppercase and lowercase letters and note whether Caps Lock keyboard mode is enabled.

Sometime you can not login iCloud Apple/reddit

You have too many accounts that confuse you when signing in. So make sure you’re entering your email address (or phone number) and the correct iCloud account password you’re using.

If you have set up two-factor authentication or two-step verification when signing in to your Apple ID, make sure you enter the correct code sent to your device.

In many cases, after successfully logging in, users only see devices with items such as Contacts, Notes, Pages, Numbers, Keynote and Settings, which means that your account only has access to these features. If you want to view and use other iCloud features, you must have iCloud installed on your iOS device.

In case you cannot remember the password or receive notification that your account has been disabled for security reasons, you need to change or reset the password based on the gmail address you have registered for the iCloud account on the device mine.

When you are unable to sign in to iCloud on your iPhone, try the above methods to try and see if it fixes it.

Report Cannot Connect to Server

When signing in to iCloud, the error message cannot connect to iCloud. When you encounter this situation you need:

The error message cannot connect to iCloud/Ph.makeuseof

Visit the status page to check the status of Apple’s server. If displayed in green, it means that the status of Apple server is good, and if it shows in yellow or red, the server is having problems, you have to wait for the process to finish.

Or maybe you need to verify your iCloud account to get it working again. Click to forget the password then enter the new mail to Apple to send you the activation code for you. You can login normally after receiving the activation mail.

Signing in to iCloud is not possible due to no data synchronization

Although iCloud automatically syncs, there are times when it encounters some problems and can’t sync. If this is the case, it should be overcome in the following ways:

Method 1: Restart the device and wait.

Method 2: Need to log in to the correct account on all devices. To see if it’s correct, go to [Your Name] on each iPhone device.

Method 3: Check the status page to make sure Apple server is working.

iCloud does not save application data

Normally to save application data, use iCloud Drive to save the default. However, in many cases, users have to manually enable the app to save to iCloud in the app settings. So to check that the application is enabled:

Step 1: Go to [Settings], select [Your name], select [iCloud].

Step 2: Browse the list of apps and notice that the apps you want to save in iCloud are turned green.

The iCloud login screen hangs or installs iCloud update

When you login into iCloud on iPhone and there is a hangup, but Apple’s server is still working. Don’t worry, dabble with the following steps

You can not login iCloud/Ph.oxdaily

Step 1: Turn off the phone by holding the power button.

Step 2: Press the power button and wait for the Apple icon to appear.

Step 3: Go to Settings and re-enter your iCloud account information.

If the screen hangs while in Setup Assistant, rebooting will fix the problem after the update.

“Unsupported Apple ID” error

This error comes from when creating an Apple ID, the user made a mistake or mistakenly led to an error later. Contact Apple for support to fix this problem.

Exceeded iCloud storage limit

Each iCloud will be provided by Apple with 5GB of free storage. However, when you use this free space, you will receive a notification about or exceeding the iCloud storage limit. To overcome this situation, you have two options: delete unnecessary data or buy more storage.

ICloud accounts usually work well, but sometimes users encounter problems. These basic small bugs are currently being improved by the Apple supplier and are finding ways to fix them, especially the Apple iCloud login error. I hope the information I shared above will be useful for you.

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