Benefits and features when using Windows 10

 Benefits and features when using Windows 10

Meta: After many years since the release and operation of the first version of Windows until now Windows 10 is the latest operating system and will probably be the last of Microsoft. This article will analyze for you the benefits and features when you use windows 10.
Sapo: On July 29, 2015, the Windows 10 installation version was officially released to end users by Microsoft after a series of trials. Currently Windows 10 is stable and is in a breakthrough phase to universalize the whole computer using Windows 10. With this integration, Windows 10 has many features and benefits that you need to be concerned about.

Benefits of using Windows 10

Extremely good security

One of the top benefits of Windows 10 is the extremely high level of security. Security is always one of the most painful issues in the era of technology development at a dizzying speed today. The security of Windows 10 has been proven when the majority of users of this operating system no longer use antivirus software.

Windows 10 is currently the only product of Microsoft so it is very well taken care of updates and security patches are regularly checked.

The default Windows Defender application found on Windows 10 has passed a recent AV-Test Institute test and shows that this application now better protects users against security risks. The most recent evidence shows that computers using Windows 10 are able to avoid malicious code, such as WannaCry ransomware, which is spreading around the world.

The first benefit of Windows 10 is its high security features.

Good handling performance

Currently Windows 10 is complete and the Windows operating system is optimized for the best software and applications today, with the arrival of the latest DirectX – DirectX 12. This latest version brings many noteworthy features such as reduced power consumption, increased frame rates and improved graphics support advanced today. Newly released graphics card devices, DirectX 12 is also on the support list, and it only works when you use it on a computer running Windows 10.

Especially the latest mode which is “Game Mode” is optimized frame and processing when playing games. When you open Game Mode, you also have game options such as returning to the screen with just a few mouse clicks.

Suitable for many computer lines

Microsoft is really serious with Windows 10, they will equip Windows 10 for all laptops and computers in the future. So all old or new computers if you want to upgrade to Windows 10, you won’t need to worry about driver problems anymore. Most new machines currently meet Windows 10, and Microsoft is trying to create a lighter version of Windows 10 so that low-power machines can still use it. The compatibility of the hardware is very important, it helps your computer run more smoothly, optimize the system, and every time you install Windows, you don’t have to search for drivers anymore.

Modern easy-to-use interface

The user interface is the most important thing when asking whether you should use Windows 10 or not. Because it must be easy to use, user friendly, many people are afraid to upgrade to Windows 10 because of the ease of use similar to the old version. And Microsoft has done a good job of this, through many comprehensive changes, but to suit everyone, there’s no point you don’t like it but believe it is the operating system of the future. Recently Microsoft also “teased” with Fluent Design interface extremely attractive.

Free upgrade

As usual, for previous versions of Windows users who want to upgrade will have to pay. However, with Windows 10 is the complete opposite, Microsoft encourages people to upgrade to Windows 10 completely free.

Windows 10 is a merger of previously released versions

Outstanding features that windows 10 brings to users


Get things done faster by better managing users’ screens. Attach up to 4 items on one screen at the same time and create virtual screens whenever you need more space or want to group things by project, such as Office applications for work and games used for fun. 15 GB of free online storage on OneDrive for easy access and sharing of files, documents, photos, music and other content on any device including Windows, iOS and Android devices. The Task View button located just above the Taskbar, allows creating and managing various desktop environments to organize running program windows for specific purposes. Browsing and switching back and forth between running windows is much easier and faster. Users can quickly add or close a desktop or move a program window from one desktop to another simply by dragging and dropping.


Built-in apps include Photos, Maps and Microsoft’s new music app Groove, Movies & TV offering a variety of entertainment options.



Windows 10 allows users to create their own ecosystem with a Microsoft account. The automatic synchronization of data and universal applications that run on a variety of devices that users buy once from the unified online store (Windows Store) will provide a seamless experience.


Windows 10 is the safest Windows operating system platform that Microsoft has released based on improvements such as Windows Defender and SmartScreen to help fight viruses, malware and non-technical phishing techniques. Windows 10 is provided as a service and will continue to receive new security and feature updates from Microsoft.

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