All the important icloud notes you cannot ignore

All the important icloud notes you cannot ignore

Meta: Whenever you own an apple device, for your device to start working you need an iCloud account. May be you are reading this article  to own yourself an Apple device or you have used it but have not taken full advantage of icloud.

Sapo: iCloud is simply an account that stores user data on iOS or Mac devices. Exactly, this is a cloud storage service created by Apple. iCloud will help you store all the information from your contacts, messages, call logs, photos, etc., even a list of applications on your device really very convenient. So let us fully explore the important notes about icloud!

What is an iCloud account?

iCloud is a bundle of free cloud services from Apple to synchronize data between iOS devices such as iPhone, iPad, iPod, MacOS and personal computers. From iOS 7 and up, Apple has integrated iCloud on its devices. To be able to create an iCloud account you can start with the address and password just like you create an email or a Facebook account, that’s it.

ICloud account helps you to integrate on Apple devices

However, as you know icloud account will store all information and data synchronization of your personal devices. So do not set a password that is easy to guess! Apple takes security very seriously, so the password setting process takes many steps.

ICloud password must be at least 8 characters long.

ICloud password must contain both uppercase and lowercase letters at the same time.

ICloud password must contain atleast one digit.

You can also choose to add special characters to increase the difficulty of your iCloud password. Also, avoid setting passwords that are too long and too many characters that makes it difficult for you to remember. Normally, the iCloud account password is up to 16 characters long.

The effect of iCloud on Apple devices

iCloud can securely store all your photos and videos and keep them up to date on all your devices and on iCloud Mail. This is the synchronization feature of iCloud.

iCloud can store and organize files securely in iCloud Drive. You can access them on all your devices, as well as on, and share them via a separate link.

Stay up to date with Mail, Contacts, Calendar, Notes and Reminders. When you make changes on a device, your information will be updated everywhere.

View messages on all iOS devices. You can start conversations on iPhone and end them on an iPad.

See the web pages you have opened on your iOS device. Read articles saved in Reading List, even when you are offline.

iCloud helps locate your device when you lose it. So you can know the location of the device on the map.

iCloud automatically backs up your information (photos, messages, etc.) daily via Wi-Fi or mobile data. Thus, you can recover data quickly on your new device or use copies of them on other devices.

Share applications, music, storage, etc… with family members on the App Store, iTunes Store, …

Recover data from iCloud

You accidentally deleted an important message or an image file. Don’t worry because iCloud can erase and restore your data.

The restore operation is as follows:

First select the Settings, then select iCloud

Select the Reset -> Delete all content and settings -> Delete iPhone (Reset -> Erase All Content and Settings -> Erase iPhone).

After deleting all data in iCloud and you choose to select Restore data from iCloud (Restore from iCloud Backup), all data will be restored as original.

Steps to Recover Data from iCloud

How to delete iCloud when you forget the password

There is a way to delete iCloud without an extremely simple password based on the flaw in iOS 7. However, it should be noted that you must follow the order of operations, without any 1 mistake. If not, you will accidentally disable the device and can no longer be used

Step 1: Turn off all network connections such as 4G / Wifi on the device.

Step 2: Turn on airplane mode.

Step 3: Go to Settings and select the item iCloud. Scroll down to find the password and delete all the letters. (The password is not displayed at this time, but only displayed with dots).

Step 4: Then click Done button, the machine will display a notice and click OK.

Step 5: A message of ‘no network connection’ appears but leave it alone. And go back to the iCloud section.

Step 6: Scroll down to find Contacts, and turn OFF them.

Step 7: Continue to scroll down, select Delete Account (Delete Account) and then confirm it.

The steps to delete iCloud when you forget the password

What is iCloud lost notification?

Surely a few users have experienced the loss of their beloved iPhone. After that, many people have only lost their iphone and locked iCloud.

iCloud lost notification is a simple way of calling iOS devices that have been lost and locked by iCloud. Devices with iCloud lost notification will be disabled and cannot be opened and used anymore.

Note: If you are “unlucky” that your iCloud account is hacked, even if there is a receipt for the server, Apple will not be able to unlock it for you.

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